Interdimensional Warfare

I imagine scientists freak out when they see the laws of physics get broken. Aliens aren’t even the threat from that- it’s the fear of a global power owning air superiority through tech we can’t understand.

Enter the DoD and their All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO). AARO has to defend our cities and silos from asteroids and supersonic nuclear missiles, but they’re also into some kinky shit like “anomalous, unidentified space, airborne, submerged and transmedium objects.”

Emphasis added by me. The DoD has a literal SCP gang exploring interdimensional warfare.

Anyway, Harvard’s Avi Loeb and AARO’s Sean Kirkpatrick got together to write this paper suggesting the declassified military sightings all over Youtube are probably coming from a self-replicating mothership hanging out somewhere in our solar system. 

They think it wants our water.


ChatGPT is coming for us all

I hope anyone still writing for a living has had a few honest conversations with ChatGPT.

We’ve seen its stilted siblings churning out earnings report and technical analysis stories on lazy market blogs for years, but the newest natural language processing (NLP) models can understand context better than some working writers.

It knows every word in every language and can talk in any tone you tell it to. It doesn’t get writer’s block. It doesn’t need smoke breaks or sick days and will never get mad when you ask for another draft. It can’t even get humiliated from the comments section.

I am outclassed on so many levels!

It’s not ALL the way there, but the next version probably will be. Be prepared.